UPK (Universal Pre-Kindergarten)

  • The Port Byron Central School District currently operates three full-day Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) classes, which enables 54 children to participate in this excellent program aligned with NYS standards and our A.A. Gates Kindergarten curriculum. The program, which is completely grant-funded, offers instruction in all developmentally appropriate kindergarten readiness areas during full-day sessions.

    The UPK classroom is housed in our elementary building and is under the supervision of elementary principal Tracy Musso. The classrooms are staffed by NYS-certified pre-K educators and teacher aides. Transportation is provided both to and from school for our UPK students by the school district.

    Per regulation, children eligible to participate in this program must be residents of PBCSD and be four years old by December 1 of the school year that they are in UPK but may not yet be five years old by this date. The initial mailing of the UPK registration packets takes place in April and interested families should call the Elementary Office at 776-5728, ext. 1050 to be placed on the mailing list.

    If we have more than 54 applicants for participation in the UPK program successful applicants are selected by random drawing. Should you have questions about this exceptional program offering please contact the elementary office at 776-5728.