Interscholastic Selection/Classification Program Procedures

  • This program pertains only to the exceptional student-athlete in grade 7 or 8 who is recommended by the JV or VARSITY coach for participation at the JV or Varsity level.

    The New York State Education Department's Selection/Classification Program is a process for screening students to determine their readiness to compete in interscholastic athletic competition by evaluating their physical maturity, fitness and skill. The intent of this program is to provide an opportunity for those exceptional students in grades 7 AND 8 to safely participate in an appropriate level of competition based upon readiness rather than age and grade. 

    The Selection/Classification Program criteria were designed by the state for mature and exceptionally skilled students to advance to an upper level and less developed students to participate in an appropriate lower level that is suited to their development and ability. The program is not to be used to fill positions on teams, provide additional experience, provide a place for junior high students when no modified program is offered, or to reward a student. It is aimed at the few select students who can benefit from such placement because of their level of readiness. It will also be fairer to the other students on the modified teams. 


    1. The Port Byron JV or Varsity coach is made aware of a student-athlete with exceptional skill in a specific sport by other Port Byron coaches/physical education teachers and/or a recommendation from a coach familiar with the student's performance with an outside organization.

    2. The JV or Varsity coach contacts the Athletic Director to discuss the recommendation of the student-athlete for the Selection/Classification (S/C) program.

    3. The JV or Varsity coach contacts the student-athlete and the parent/guardian to discuss the possibility of the child participating at an advanced level.

    4. The parent/guardian contacts the Port Byron Athletic Office (776-5728 ext 1240 ) for an appointment to review the S/C paperwork and process.

    5. The parent/guardian completes and returns all the required S/C and medical eligibility paperwork to the Athletic Director. 

    6. On designated dates, the student-athlete meets with the District physician for the State required physical maturity screening. On the same date, the student-athlete will have an in-person Health History review with the school nurse to approve his or her medical paperwork. If the student meets the State's physical maturity standard, he or she will proceed to the next step. If the student does not meet the physical maturity standard, the process stops.

    7. On designated dates for fall and spring, all students will be tested in Physical Education class by a certified Physical Education instructor. The results of these tests will be used to determine if the student/athlete passes the required scores for the JV/Varsity sport that they are interested in trying out. To pass the test, the child must meet the State standards in all components (arm hang, stomach curls, shuttle run, 50-yard dash, 1.5-mile run, standing broad jump). 

    8. The student-athlete is cleared to try out for the team at an advanced level. In accordance with NYSPHSAA rules, the try-out period can last no longer than three days so the appropriate level for competition can be determined. 

    NOTE: Any student-athlete who is recommended for the S/C program, but does not meet the State requirements is encouraged to participate at the modified level in that sport or if there is not one, to try another sport for that season. If you have any questions regarding the S/C process, call the Athletic Director's office, 315-776-5728 ext.1240 
    This program pertains only to the exceptional student-athlete in grade 7 or 8 who is RECOMMENDED BY THE JV or VARSITY COACH for participation at the JV or Varsity level.