Scholarship Opportunities

  • The following scholarships are typically made available to graduating seniors yearly. The listing is based on offerings from previous year. While it is the experience of the guidance office that most scholarships are offered yearly, there is no guarantee. The availability of scholarships is dependent on the sponsoring organization, agency or individuals.

    Descriptions of each scholarship are based on previous years information; please be aware that availability, selection criteria, application materials and deadlines may change.

    Agricultural Breeders Scholarship
    Graduating senior pursuing post-secondary education in the area of agriculture. Award is based on a screening of high school grades, extracurricular activities, and clarity of stated career goals. Priority given to students who have lived and/or worked on a dairy farm.
    Application Materials: Application, essays, 3 letters of recommendation.
    Deadline: See a counselor

    American Society of Military Comptrollers
    Information available at and in Guidance office.
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors pursuing fields of finance, accounting, business administration, public administration, economics, operations research (relating to financial management) or computer science.
    Application Materials: Application, 2 recommendations 
    Deadline: February

    American Society of Military Comptrollers Scholarship
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors entering fields of finance, accounting, business administration, economics, public policy, computer science, etc. Preference will be given to students in the upper 1/3 of their graduating class or have an average of 3.0 or above.
    Application Materials: Application, letters of recommendation.
    Deadline: February 28

    The AT&T and BBB Science and Technology Scholarship
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Students who reside and attend high school in 50 county Upstate NY service territory and have commitment to pursue Bachelors of Science. Will be awarded to the student who is interested in pursuing a degree in fields of technology and/ or science 
    Application Materials: application, resume of leadership roles, community service and extracurricular activities (6 copies of all parts)
    Deadline: January

    Auburn Community Federal Credit Union Scholarship
    Eligibility: Graduating senior attending college for the first time. Must be a member of a participating credit union. Award based on academic achievement, extracurricular and community activities, written essay and financial need.
    Application Materials: Application, essay.
    Deadline: January

    AXA Achievement Community Scholarship
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Graduating students who are ambitious and motivated, as evidenced by outstanding achievement in school, community or work activities
    Application Materials: Available online, includes application and recommendations
    Deadline: February

    Barbara E. Klumpp Memorial Scholarship (click to download)
    Eligibility: This scholarship program is open to all business education students who are interested in pursuing a career in information technology. 
    Application Materials: Complete downloadable application form.
    Deadline: April 1

    Best Buy Scholarships
    Graduating senior living within 75 miles of Best Buy store, cumulative GPA of 2.5 on 4.0 scale, who has a demonstrated commitment to and involvement in community service or work experience and plan to enroll in 2 or 4 year college or vocational school.
    Application Materials: Available online.
    Deadline: February

    Better Business Bureau Student of Integrity Scholarship Program
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors interested in pursuing secondary education.
    Application Materials: Application, essay
    Deadline: January

    Cargill Community Scholarship
    Information available on, keyword: scholarship
    Eligibility: Selection based on academic achievement and leadership in extracurricular and civic activities 
    Application Materials: Online application
    Deadline: February

    Cayuga Counselors Association Scholarship
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors pursuing full time study with a major in counseling/psychology, education, health occupations, or social services.
    Application Materials: Essay describing involvement in groups, clubs, or organization both in and out of school, and demonstrating the candidate's service to others or act of reaching out to those in need.
    Deadline: April

    Cayuga County Bar Association Scholarship
    Eligibility: Awarded to a graduating senior who will be attending a two or four year college.
    Deadline: April

    Cayuga-Onondaga Retirees of NYSUT (CORN) Scholarships (click here to download application)
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors planning to enroll at an accredited 2 or 4 year institution. Award will be based on character, leadership, academic record, biographical sketch and 2 references.
    Application Materials: Application, biographical sketch, 2 reference forms, transcript.
    Deadline: April 17, 2023

    • The Timothy J. Klink Memorial Scholarship: Student must pursue a degree in the sciences, mathematics or engineering.
    • The Mary Ann Klink Memorial Scholarship: Student must pursue a degree in Elementary Education.
    • The CORN General Scholarships: Student can pursue degree in any field.

    The Climb Scholarship (click to download)
    Eligibility: Offered to graduating Port Byron seniors who are trying to "climb above their circumstances." 
    Application Materials: Candidates must submit high school transcript, an essay and 1 personal letter of reference
    Deadline: June 1, 2022

    Coca-Cola Scholarship
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors carrying a minimum GPA of 3.0 at the end of the students’ junior year and planning to attend an accredited post-secondary institution. Applicants cannot be children or grandchildren of employees of Coca-Cola companies.
    Application Materials: Online application
    Deadline: October

    The Cora E. King Scholarship (click to download)
    Eligibility: High school graduates, or equivalent, who are applying to or are enrolled in a four year bachelor's program. Preference given to those pursuing professional vocations. Students must be residents of Cayuga County for at least one year preceding the application deadline.
    Application Materials: See counselor.
    Deadline: May

    Delta Kappa Gamma Society, Alpha Mu Chapter Memorial Grant
    Eligibility: Graduating female senior interested in pursuing a teaching career. Based on academic record, leadership qualities, financial need, and initiative and potential for teaching.
    Application Materials: Personal letter, counselor recommendation
    Deadline: April

    Dorothea Deitz Memorial Scholarship
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Graduating female student planning to pursue a major in Physical Education. Awards based on character, academic achievement, physical education competence, participation in athletics, leadership qualities, and financial need. 
    Application Materials: Online application
    Deadline: March

    Eisenhower College Alumni Association
    Eligibility: Open to any high school senior bound for college, or any child of any Eisenhower alumnus/alumnae. Applicants must plan to continue their studies beyond high school in a liberal arts program at either a two or four year college.
    Deadline: May

    Elks Scholarship
    Find local lodge information at
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors
    Application Materials: Folder with application, essay, parental financial statement, transcript, test scores, counselor report, letter of recommendation, list of community service.
    Deadline: January

    Empire State Potato Growers, Inc. Scholarship Award
    Information is available at
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors residing in and pursuing studies in New York State, which benefit the agricultural industry. Award based on area of study, academic achievement, and leadership abilities.
    Application Materials: transcript, a summary of school and community activities, 2 essays, 2 letters of reference
    Deadline: January

    Erika Brooke Westover Scholarship (click here to download)
    Eligibility: This scholarship is intended for students who are interested in pursuing a career in special education, or any student with exceptionalities who plans to further their education or enter the workforce.
    Application materials: Please see the link above. 
    Deadline: May 8, 2022

    Firemans Association of the State of New York (FASNY) (click here to download)
    Information is available at
    Eligibility: Be a member in good standing with FASNY or have a parent/legal guardian who is a member, attend high school as a senior who is enrolled in the fall 2022 school year at an accredited two or four-year institution of higher learning or an accredited technical post-secondary school, serve as a current Junior firefighter, Explorer Scout or RAM in a group affiliated with a volunteer department; a volunteer firefighter; or a volunteer with an EMS unit, and demonstrate a commitment to both volunteer emergency service and the community. 
    Application Materials: A resume, essay, application and recommendations
    Deadline: March 15, 2022

    Frank D. Ruggiero Memorial Award
    Information is available at
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors who are past or future participants (volunteer or competitor) of the Great Race, enrollment in a full-time program of study in the fall, and a commitment to community service
    Application Materials: Application, essay, recommendations.
    Deadline: May

    Giving Back Award (click to download)
    Eligibility: Applicants must be planning to attend a two-year or four-year college, and must demonstrate academic excellence and have some financial need. 
    Application Materials: Complete downloadable application form, answer questions on listed on application. 
    Deadline: April 24

    Italian-American Club Monsignor Gabbani Memorial Scholarship
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors who exhibit athletic participation and have achieved high academic honors, including GPA of 85% and higher, involvement in the community and financial need.
    Application Materials: Application, transcripts, essay, letter or recommendation commenting on ability, work habits, leadership, personality and integrity.
    Deadline: April

    Jenna's Scholarship: (click to download)
    Eligibility: Graduating Seniors.
    Application Materials: See link above.
    Deadline: May 13

    Knights of Columbus Academic Scholarship (click to download)
    Eligibility: Applicant should be in top 10% of graduating class, planning to attend accredited college in fall of 2019, and must have record of quality community service.
    Application Materials: See link above. 
    Deadline: April 1, 2022

    LaBuff-Cole American Legion, Post 911 Scholarships (click to download)
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors seeking post-high school education or training. Award based on financial need, academic performance, and involvement in school, community and family activities.
    Application Materials: See link above.
    Deadline: May 17, 2019

    Leo A Pinckney Scholarship 
    Eligibility: Student must demonstrate academic excellence, athletic achievement and financial need. Requires application, transcript and letters of recommendation. 
    Deadline: May 
    Application available in Guidance office.

    Mid-State Chapter Scholarship Application (click to download application)
    Eligibility: Must be a graduating senior intending to pursue a degree or vocational program in a field related to Facility Management. Building trade schools; most engineering and architecture disciplines do qualify. If unsure please contact us by email to clarify. No minimum GPA is required, but this metric is considered in our evaluation of candidates. Applicants awarded a scholarship are asked to attend an awards reception hosted by the Chapter. Additional information will be provided at time of award.
    Application Deadline: March 24, 2023

    NAACP William and Helen Jackson Scholarship Program
    Eligibility: Graduating students of color attending a college, university, trade school, or vocational school. The monetary award is to be used towards tuition, books and/ or school supplies.
    Application Materials:
    Deadline: April

    New York State Academy of Physicians High School Scholarship
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors planning a career in family medicine.
    Application Materials: Application, counselor recommendation, transcript, letter stating why student wants to be a family physician, nomination from a family physician
    Deadline: March

    New York State Association of Certified Football Officials (Syracuse Chapter)
    Eligibility: Highest academically ranked football player
    Application Materials: High school counselor will submit recommendation and transcript
    Deadline: See counselor.

    New York Association of Superintendents of School Buildings and Grounds
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors pursuing degree in fields of facility management, engineering, architecture, energy management, maintenance or construction.
    Application Materials: Application, letter of recommendation 
    Deadline: June

    New York State PTA Jenkins Memorial Scholarship for Teacher Education
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Public high school senior pursing a teaching career, planning to attend an accredited 2 or 4 year college within the SUNY system. Award based on character, personality, academic achievement and potential teaching ability.
    Application Materials: Available online
    Deadline: January

    New York Water Environment Association, Inc. Scholarship
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors that are children of NYWEA members, attending colleges that have active NYWEA student chapters, or pursuing degrees with a focus on environmental issues (environmental engineering, civil engineering with environmental minor, chemical engineering with environmental minor, hydrogeology with environmental emphasis, biology or microbiology with an environmental emphasis 
    Application Materials: Transcript, essays, letters of recommendation
    Deadline: January

    New York Water Environment Association, Inc. Environmental Career Scholarship
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Graduating senior who is a New York State resident and is enrolled full-time in a B.S. or B.E. degree program with an environmental emphasis
    Application Materials: Available online
    Deadline: January

    NYSED Series Scholarships for Academic Excellence
    Eligibility: Graduating senior planning to enroll at college in New York state, must meet minimum GPA and SAT/ACT score requirements.
    Application Materials: High school counselor will calculate nominees using required formula and submit nominations.
    Deadline: December

    Port Byron Alumni Award (click to download)
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors entering college or the workforce.
    Application Materials: Narrative about aspirations and future work goals in life; what you hope to achieve after high school.
    Deadline: April 1

    Price Chopper's Golub Foundation Scholarship
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors planning to attend college as fully matriculated, first year students.
    Application Materials: Available online, include application, transcript, original essay, and 3 letters of reference.
    Deadline: March

    SAE Engineering Scholarship Program
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors who intend to earn a degree in engineering or related science. Must meet minimum GPA and SAT/ACT score requirements.
    Application Materials: Application, activities resume, 2 letters of recommendation
    Deadline: December

    Syracuse Track Club Constatino Scholarships
    Eligibility: Graduating senior who participates on cross country and/ or track and field teams.
    Application Materials: Letter describing academic, extra-curricular and running achievements, financial need, and plans for a running career beyond high school, letters of recommendation from a teach and a coach.
    Deadline: June

    Walmart Sam Walton Community Scholarship
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Graduating senior with a high school cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, must have taken either the SAT or the ACT
    Application Materials: Online application
    Deadline: January

    Western and Central New York Safari Club International Scholarship
    Eligibility: Graduating seniors planning to major in forestry, conservation, environmental science, veterinary medicines, and fisheries and wildlife management.
    Application Materials: Application including student, parent/guardian, and counselor/principal signatures. 
    Deadline: May

    Zonta International District II (Auburn) - Jean M. Coon Humanitarian Award (click to download)
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Female high school juniors and seniors with an outstanding commitment to community service. Award does not take academic achievement into consideration.
    Application Materials: Application, letter or reference
    Deadline: Spring

    Zonta International District II (Auburn) Young Women in Public Affairs Award
    Information available at
    Eligibility: Pre-college female students ages 16-20 committed to and pursuing careers in government, public policy, and community and volunteer organizations.
    Application Materials: Available online.
    Deadline: March