Participation in Meetings

  • The Board of Education welcomes your comments, concerns, and questions. The agenda provides an opportunity for residents to address the Board on any topic during the public comment portion of the meeting. An individual board member has no more authority than any other qualified voter of the district. It is only when acting as a body, that the Board has authority. Effective responsible consideration of an issue by the Board is best accomplished when it is scheduled in advance as an item on the meeting agenda. 

    Therefore, while comments and questions are welcomed, the Board will generally not respond to items introduced during the public comment period. Rather, these non-agenda items will be referred to the President and Superintendent for consideration as an agenda item at a future meeting. Additionally, these items may be referred to administrators or staff members who may be able to assist and report back to the Board at a later meeting.

    Meetings are held in public, but they are not public meetings in the same sense as traditional town meetings. Therefore, members of the public generally do not participate in the business of the Board after the public comment period. Those who have comments they would like to make after the public comment period are always invited to call or write Board members or to comment during the public comment period at the next Board meeting.