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Port Byron’s new math curriculum showing strong results


Port Byron’s new math curriculum showing strong results

Two years ago, Port Byron implemented a new math curriculum in their elementary and middle school grades. 

The use of Savvas Learning Company's enVision® Mathematics Elementary curriculum, coupled with the SuccessMaker adaptive platform, at Port Byron is delivering a marked increase in math comprehension and advancement. The results have been profound, with an increase in math proficiency of 26% or higher in grades five through eight.

The SuccessMaker platform integrates assessment tests, initial placements, and grade-level equivalency to tailor instruction for each student's unique needs. The appeal of this new resource was immediate, capturing the students' interest with animated and enjoyable content. 

Use of the Successmaker platform has become key in identifying student strengths and weaknesses through careful assessment. Personalized learning pathways help bring students up to grade level and often beyond, showcasing the program's effectiveness in catering to individual learning needs and strengths.

The impact is not just academic; it’s also personal. Students struggling with foundational math concepts can get the support they need to remedy their challenges. Recognizing and addressing these foundational gaps helps to ensure that students can confidently reach their grade level and beyond.

The investment made in this comprehensive math curriculum is paying off, not just in terms of academic success but also in building a sense of accomplishment and confidence among students. Certificates of achievement are awarded monthly to students and have become a symbol of recognition and pride.

“We see you,” Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Katie Naples said. “This isn’t just about numbers on a test; it’s about empowering students, addressing individual needs, and fostering a love for learning that will have a lasting impact on their educational journey.”