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Darlene Slayton Retiring After 28 years at Port Byron Central School District

Darlene Slayton

After spending nearly 28 years with the Port Byron Central School District, Athletic Department Clerk Darlene Slayton is set to retire.

When she began her career at Port Byron, Slayton worked as a one-on-one aide in kindergarten for five years. After another five-year stint as an elementary teaching assistant, Slayton moved to her current position in the athletic department.

“I love the athletics, seeing all the kids, going to the games,” Slayton said.

In her current role, Slayton has done a lot of multi-tasking and coordinating of coaches, teams, and data. She created programs for games, set up team registrations, made coach packets every season, processed claim forms for the officials, planned the awards ceremonies, and so much more.

“I’m going to miss everything except the sub book,” Slayton said with a laugh. “Everything else I’m going to miss.”

Staff and students will miss her too. In a touching moment at the end of this year’s athletic banquet, each of the track and field athletes presented her with a carnation and a hug, showing their affection for the role she has played for Port Byron’s student-athletes over the years.

Slayton, who has three children and two grandchildren, says she is looking forward to the birth of her third granddaughter in September. That will keep her busy in retirement, along with projects around the house and bingo.

She may be retiring, but she will be back. This time as a spectator, continuing to cheer on Panther athletics.