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PB Pride Awards Honor Student Achievement

Students at Port Byron Central School District are being honored during Board of Education meetings for shining in the classroom and beyond.

This year, the district is presenting students with PB Pride Awards, as a way to honor students who are showcasing hard work and commitment to their studies and extracurricular activities. At each Board of Education meeting, a select group of students are asked to attend to be recognized for the award.

“It has been amazing to recognize our students who continue to work hard daily,” said Assistant Principal and Director of Special Programs Marisa Licari. “Our students have the biggest smiles on their faces as they come up to the front of the library to receive their awards. We look forward to continuing to recognize students throughout the remainder of the school year for all their hard work!”

At the most recent BOE meeting, students were honored for their work in a new, adaptive math program called SuccessMaker. The students’ login daily to the program in order to practice math skills at their level.

The students who were recognized at the board meeting made either the most gain overall throughout the school on the platform or spent the most minutes on the platform since the beginning of the school year.

“We are very excited to celebrate their diligence in practicing the math skills they need to achieve mastery in their grade level. Students throughout the school will have an opportunity to win an award each month based on their performance on SuccessMaker,” said Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Katie Naples.

AA Gates Elementary School Principal Tracy Musso said she is incredibly proud of each student who has been honored with a PB Pride Award.

“They truly represent our PAWS and demonstrate a strong commitment to learning,” she said. “Their hard work, determination, and character are so impressive. Thank you for making PB shine!”