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Port Byron Student Earns Silver Key in Scholastic Art Show

Port Byron sophomore Kylee Cordway has been enjoying art for as long as she can remember. Now, Cordway has an award to go along with those memories as she was recently presented with a Silver Key during this year’s Central New York Region of the Scholastic Art show.

Cordway started her art submission during a unit where students were experimenting with different pen and ink techniques. She chose to go with the stippling technique, which is drawing using small dots.

“I almost went with a different picture but chose the picture of my boyfriend and me. It was a lot of fun because I wasn’t restricted. This has definitely been my favorite project by far that we have done this year,” said Cordway.

Cordway was about halfway done with the project when her art teacher, Sara St. Pierre, noticed how it was going and recommended that Cordway should submit it into the art show. 

The Scholastic Art Show is comprised of schools spanning 13 counties and this year had 3,945 submissions. Silver keys are awarded to only 7-10% of entries in the category of drawing and illustration, which was Cordway’s category.

“I never thought I was going to get anything. It’s really exciting though,” said Kylee.

“I am extremely proud of Kylee's accomplishment in the CNY Scholastic Art Show. Kylee is a very dedicated and talented art student, one who always strives to reach her best, often going above and beyond the time constraints of the classroom to get there,” said St. Pierre.

Cordway’s artwork, along with roughly 1,300 other pieces, are now on display at Onondaga Community College until March 4.

With You

Kylee's Art Piece titled "With You"