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Port Byron Student Talk to Alumni About College Experiences

It’s something that sneaks up on you but before you know it, it’s time to start thinking about college. Students at Port Byon High School had the opportunity to meet with recent PBCSD graduates to hear how their college experiences are going.

“We were thrilled to welcome back some of our alumni who graciously volunteered their time to meet with juniors and seniors and discuss the transition to college. It was a great way for our students to get answers to any questions that they might have and to hear firsthand advice on how to navigate the college experience,” said high school counselor Tracey Pirozzolo.

Alumni that were present talked about a variety of topics, including how they determined which college was right for them and how taking college level courses in high school proved to be beneficial.

“I think the best part of having an alumni panel is to show students that there is so much they can do outside of Port Byron. It is important to keep home in your heart, but there is a whole world waiting for them to explore. By us being able to show students what we are doing three years after high school, it gives them a chance to see what lies ahead,” said 2019 graduate Chelsea Rooker, who attends Roberts Wesleyan College.

“I think having an alumni panel is important because it can help students relate and understand personal accounts of college through shared and lived experiences of their peers. Hearing personal stories and experiences, I feel can be more informative and realistic compared to textbook information you can find anywhere,” said 2021 graduate Grace Ford, who attends SUNY Cortland.

Other topics that the alumni touched on were what they liked about their campuses, such as their living quarters. A few of the alumni talked about how they played on club sports teams and how there was always something to do on campus.

“It was an informative experience that cleared up a lot of worries and questions that we had about college,” said students Julia Gislason and Grace Applebee.

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