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Wisdom from the Top: Class of 2024 Top Ten Seniors Share Memories and Advice


Class of 2024

Wisdom from the top: Class of 2024 Top Ten Seniors Share Memories and Advice


As our top ten seniors in the class of 2024 prepare to graduate tomorrow, we asked them to share some of their favorite memories of their time at Port Byron Central School District and to offer advice to those who are coming up behind them.


Favorite Memories


“All my years on the field hockey team, senior trip to Washington DC and nights spent at football games!”


“Junior prom and after prom.”


 “Staying up all night on the DC trip.”


“Hanging out backstage with my friends.”


“Going to Washington DC with my class.”


“When Mr. Barber and Mr. Bastian kept asking me when senior skip day was the day before it actually happened, and I had to pretend I didn’t know when it was. Also seeing all the terrible park jobs my friends and I did this year.”


Advice for Underclassmen


“Give it your all, it pays off in the end.”


“Go to anything and everything because the time will fly by before you know it.”


“Make high school fun. It goes by fast.”


“Get your work in on time, and always try your best.”


“Have as much fun as you can and spend time with your classmates because it flies by, and before you know it you're graduating.”


“Classes are small, you might as well get along with everyone.”


“No matter what happens, always remember Life is a Highway.”


“Join clubs and do new things even if you’re nervous about it. Your high school years go by fast, so make sure to enjoy every moment! Also make sure you tell the hall monitors you’re traveling, not wandering. It’ll make them less mad!”


Top Ten Class of 2024


Below is the list of the top ten seniors in the class of 2024 along with what they will be doing after graduation: 


Valedictorian Madison Gillespie will attend SUNY Oswego to study Psychology


Salutatorian Amelia Powers will attend SUNY Oswego to study Biology


Ian Mack will attend SUNY Cortland to study Physical Education


Sean Gillmore will attend Clarkson University to study Engineering


Abigail McKay will attend Northeast College of Health sciences to become a Sonogram Technician


Cody Jarabek will attend Cayuga Community College to study Criminal Justice


Savannah Finn will attend SUNY Oswego to study English Education


Tyler Compson will attend Lebanon Valley College to study Physical Therapy


Katelyn Ware will attend Alfred State College to study Nursing


Janelle Beaumont will attend SUNY Brockport to study Physical Therapy