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Letter From the Superintendent - Changes to School Day

Dear Friends, 
Spring is a season of change and we are in the midst of making some significant adjustments in the school day to better serve students and lift some of the restrictions put in place this past fall to limit the spread the COVID-19. While we make some changes, the core protocols to ensure that students and staff remain safe will not change. 
The big change for parents and students will be the expansion of the school day by a half hour. Dismissal time will be at 2:30PM beginning on Monday April 5. The bus runs and car pickup times will be simply be a half hour later. Inside the school day, changes will be made in the scheduling of students in the West Building and to a lesser degree in the Gates Building. 
The changes are basically to increase contact time between teachers and students, therefore limiting or eliminating the use of zoom as an instructional mode. In the West Building students will move from class to class to accomplish this change. In the Gates Building the teachers of fourth through sixth grade will move from room to room to do accomplish this goal. Simply put, we know the best teaching occurs inside a classroom with students and teachers. 
Other changes in the school day will be the addition of physical education classes in the West Building, recess across the entire grade level in the Gates Building along with the addition of some classes like art and music. Lastly, in many grade levels we will have a more traditional lunch time that will allow students to socialize with classmates.
We took the most conservative approach this fall to enable all students to attend school five days a week and to limit the spread of the virus. This liberalization of the rules is prudent in light of staff vaccinations, declining infection rates and the knowledge base gained from across the state, nation and world in schools. 
The days will be sunnier in the coming months and I believe we will have a brighter future too with these changes. 
Superintendent: Mike Jorgensen
Phone: 315.776.5728
Fax: 315.776.4050
Address: 30 Maple Avenue
Port Byron, New York 13140