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COVID-19 Resources

Port Byron CRRSA Plan

To view the district's CRRSA Plan, please click here!

Revised Port Byron Reopening Plans

To view the revised and updated Reopening Plans as of September 2, 2020, please click here!

Revised COVID-19 Related School Safety Guidance

The COVID-19 School Safety Guidance has been revised as of 8-25-2020. Please review the most up-to-date version of the file by clicking here!

New guidance related to the Protocol for Symptomatic or Positive COVID-19 Student or Staff is also available. To view this, please click here!

Virtual Public Meetings Videos

The links to the virtual meetings held August 18 can be found below:

Meeting 1 at 12PM:

Meeting 2 at 3PM:

Meeting 3 at 7PM:

Virtual Public Meetings Set

The Zoom link to the virtual meetings to discuss reopening plans is:
This link will work for all three meeting times.

Technology & Connectivity Support

For New York State students to lead productive and successful lives upon graduation, they must understand and know how to use digital technologies. To access the full Technology & Connectivity Support resource, please click here! 

Resources from Cayuga County

Cayuga County officials provided local school districts with two resources to follow as we continue to gear up for opening day. These two resources include the Student Monitoring Process Flowchart and the Cayuga County Safety Plan for BOCES. To access these resources, please click the links below:

Reopening Messages from Administration - August 11, 2020

With Governor Cuomo announcing Friday that schools may proceed with in-class instruction, we have shifted from a planning phase to an implementation phase. Please review letters crafted by Superintendent O'Brien, Principal Jorgensen and Principal Podolak related to our reopening plans by clicking here. We will continue to communicate these plans as we move forward.

Reopening Plan Letter From Superintendent O'Brien

The work on devising a plan for the upcoming school year continues and Port Byron Central School District wanted to take this opportunity to share some more of the details.
We will have two pathways for students:

  1. One is to come to school five days for direct and indirect instruction from our teachers.
  2. Option two would be to learn from home using the resources found on teacher’s Google Classrooms.
To review Superintendent Neil O'Brien's full letter detailing the district's reopening plans, please click here.
Full Reopening Plan 

The district has released its full Reopening Plan for Fall 2020. The Port Byron plan is for the entire school district. It was developed with four principles in mind. These guiding principles were devised by the leadership team in early July as we began the process of creating the best learning opportunities for students while adhering to health and safety protocols from federal and state agencies for upcoming school year. They represent the bedrock of the work we accomplished this past school year while facing the challenges of COVID-19.

To view the district's full reopening plans, please click here!

Practicing Good Hygiene Tutorial

Superintendent: Mike Jorgensen
Phone: 315.776.5728
Fax: 315.776.4050
Address: 30 Maple Avenue
Port Byron, New York 13140