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Port Byron CSD: Academic Eligibility Policy

Academic eligibility procedures are explained each season by the coach. This policy applies to all students in the Port Byron Central School District who are participating in any extra-curricular activity or wish to attend any school sponsored events.


If a student is failing three (3) or more subjects on his/her report card after a ten-week marking period he/she will become ineligible to participate in “events.” During this period, students may continue to practice, rehearse, and/or attend meetings. After a two-week probationary period, a student must be failing no more than one course to regain his/her eligibility by obtaining a satisfactory/passing report from each teacher. Failure to obtain a positive report each week thereafter will result in ineligibility for the remainder of the ten- week marking period. Eligibility will then be re-evaluated at the end of that marking period.
Eligibility for both participation and attendance at extra-curricular activities will be based on academic performance and disciplinary record.
Superintendent: Neil O'Brien
Phone: 315.776.5728
Fax: 315.776.4050
Address: 30 Maple Avenue
Port Byron, New York 13140