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Class of 2020 Senior Spotlight: Jarrett Fronce

It’s that time of year, where we celebrate members of our graduating senior class! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring several Dana West seniors from the class of 2020, who will reflect on their high school experience, and discuss what they hope will come next in the years ahead.  

Up next is senior Jarrett Fronce. An avid athlete, Jarrett was a member of the high school’s baseball, basketball, and cross country teams. He was also a member of the Environmental Club, International Club, and served as class treasurer. 

jarrett fronce

Jarrett touched upon what he found the most enjoyable - and the most difficult - about his high school curriculum, citing “history” for the former and “math” for the latter. However, his future educational plans may take him down a slightly different path.  

“I plan to attend SUNY Brockport in the Fall of 2020 and study Criminal Justice, with a minor in Military Science,” said Jarrett of his plans for the fall. 

And what does he expect he’ll miss the most about Port Byron at the conclusion of his high school career? His answer continues to demonstrate the impact Port Byron’s staff has had on these students. 

“I’ll miss my friends and my teachers,” said Jarrett. “Especially Mr Jorgensen.”

Jarrett also discussed what he’d do over again in high school, if given the chance. His melancholy answer is one that, sadly, we can all relate to in some way; especially his fellow Class of 2020 graduates.

“I would change my senior year, so that I could play baseball one last time,” Jarrett wished.

As it turns out, Jarrett’s future plans include another step following his tenure at SUNY Brockport. Given the nature of those plans, Jarrett knew better than to try to pin down specifics.  

“In 10 years I will be in the Army, but I’m not sure where I’ll be living or what exactly I’ll be doing in the Army.”

He may have big plans for the future, but Jarrett credits his parents for help making him the person he is today. 

“My role models have been my mother and father,” said Jarrett. “Because they’ve taught me how to be respectful, and the person I am today.” 

When asked whether he has any concrete plans for the summer, Jarrett offered another pragmatic answer, given our current situation.  

“Most likely not with the Coronavirus,” said Jarrett when asked about said plans. “But if everything clears up, I plan to spend my last high school summer vacation with my friends and family.” 

Jarrett leaves Port Byron’s underclass with one final piece of advice, one that, again, feels especially apropos for our current climate.  

“Take advantage of every opportunity you’re given, because you don’t know when it will be your last.” 
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