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Class of 2020 Senior Spotlight: Katelyn Brown

It’s that time of year, where we celebrate members of our graduating senior class! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring several Dana West seniors from the Class of 2020, who will reflect on their high school experience, and discuss what they hope will come next in the years ahead.  

Up next is senior Katelyn Brown, who is wrapping up a busy high school career that was filled with extracurricular activities. Katelyn was part of the high school’s Drama Club, Student Government, Yearbook Club, Prom Committee, After-prom Committee, National Honor Society, and Varsity Basketball Cheerleading squad.

katelyn brown

When Katelyn identified what she found most challenging about high school, the answer came as no surprise. 

“Balancing college classes, family, and extracurricular activities,” said Katelyn, who listed “psychology” as her favorite discipline among those classes. 

By taking advantage of many of Port Byron’s curriculum options, Katelyn has positioned herself to get a huge jump on the start of her collegiate career.  

“I will be attending Cayuga Community College for two semesters to obtain an associate degree in psychology,” said Katelyn. “I will then be most likely transferring to SUNY Oswego to obtain my bachelor’s in psychology.” 

When asked what she’ll miss most about Port Byron after receiving her diploma, Katleyn said, “Seeing all my friends and teachers every day.” 

When asked what she’d do differently if she could do it all again? 

“I would work harder in my classes to get better grades,” admitted Katelyn. “I would join Drama Club and Student Government my freshman year, instead of waiting until my junior/senior years. I would also join Varsity Cheerleading my freshman year.” 

She may have listed a few things she’d have done differently in the past, but Katelyn has clearly-defined goals for her future. She identified a couple of key individuals for helping her create and set out to achieve those goals.

“My mom and older sister are the main role models throughout my life, because I aspire to achieve my goals like they did,” said Katelyn.

While her plans for the fall and beyond are set, Katelyn has another summer in Port Byron to account for first. 

“I hope to hang out with friends and family every chance I get, while also working and saving up for a car and saving money for college.”

As for the more distant future? 

“In 10 years, I hope to have obtained my bachelor’s in psychology, and to be working on a master's degree (or have already obtained one),” said Katelyn. “I hope to start a family of my own, and have a stable job doing what I love.”

She ends her spotlight with advice for Port Byron’s current underclass students.

“Work your hardest to obtain your goals, and never take your education and experiences for granted,” advised Katelyn.  

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