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Fifth Grade Students Participate in e-Mission

Last month, several fifth grade students joined Mrs. Beyel in the library's makerspace to take part in an intense simulation: the Montserrat e-Mission!

e-Missions are blended learning scenarios through which students utilize standards-based math and science skills to solve simulated problems. They require students to think critically, react quickly, and employ strong teamwork as they attempt to tackle whatever problems they encounter, all in real time.

For this e-Mission, dubbed “Operation Montserrat,” students were faced with a truly disastrous scenario: The Soufriere Hills volcano was about to erupt, at the same time as a category 3 hurricane approached the island of Montserrat from the east. The students quickly broke into multiple teams (evacuation team, hurricane team, volcano team, and communications team), and interfaced with a member from “mission control” live, via video feed, to get real time information that would impact their decision-making!

Students tapped into their knowledge of math, earth science, oceans and energy, and more to come up with evacuation plans, and adjusted on the fly as mission control provided them with satellite updates in real time. The ultimate goal? Get the residents of Montserrat Island out of danger and into safe shelter!

The students were fully engaged in tackling problems as they arose, and showed an uncommon level of poise as they solved one problem, adjusted for unseen events on the fly, and then tackled the next issue!

students watching live feed from mission control

students discussing strategies

students locked in on problem-solving

students writing down instruction to relay to mission control

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