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Class of 2019 Senior Spotlight: Winnie Roberts

winnie roberts
Bronwyn “Winnie” Roberts has a pretty full resume from her time in the Port Byron Central School District, marked by a robust blend of extracurricular activities. She took a few moments to talk about her high school career, before touching upon “what’s next” starting this fall.

While Winnie was able to clearly identify her favorite subject in high school (English), she might have a harder time choosing a favorite activity from among her myriad choices. On that athletics side, Winnie was a member of the field hockey, volleyball, and track teams. She also took part in the environmental club, student government association, masterminds, yearbook club, Panther Press Live, and was a member of the National Honor Society.

“What I found most challenging was the feeling that there was never enough time,” said Winnie, when asked what she found daunting about high school.  

“The days go by too fast, and you find yourself scrambling to organize your day to balance all aspects of your life. You have to take it one day at a time,” she added.

When asked what advice she’d give underclassmen, having reflected on the challenges she faced, Winnie offered a practical reply for those who may try to take on a similar schedule.

“I’d tell them to cherish their time here as much as possible,” said Winnie, “And to never stress too much over little things; it is really not worth it.”

Winnie added to the veracity of that first thought, when asked about what she’ll miss most after she graduates from Port Byron.

“I will miss my classmates, teachers, coaches, and administrators,” said Winnie. “The community here in Port Byron is truly unmatched!”

Would she change anything, though?

“I would not change a thing; I am happy with my high school experience,” she said.

Winnie names her stepmother, Maria, as a huge influence in her life.

“My stepmother has been a huge role model of mine. She has taught me countless life lessons and has guided me through life, which I am so thankful for,” said Winnie.

She added, “I also have to say that my beautiful friends Emily, Rosie, Nadia, and Maggie have all been huge role models in my life. I strive to be as strong, smart, and caring as they are, and I am so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful characters each and every day.”

As for the future, Winnie plans to enroll at SUNY Oneonta, where she’ll pursue a career in communications. Beyond that? The sky’s the limit.

“I will have hopefully graduated from college with a bachelor's degree,” when asked where she sees herself in 10 years.

“I'm not sure where I will be living or what I will be doing, but I hope I am happy with whatever it is,” she adds.  

Before such a time, Winnie plans on spending her last summer before college earning some money by working at Cannon Pools, and attending graduation festivities with her friends.

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