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Class of 2019 Senior Spotlight: Emily Ryan

emily ryan

In her final couple of months at Port Byron, senior Emily Ryan reflects back on a busy four years, and touches on her plans for the future. Emily has her sights set on a career in education, a pursuit that starts this fall as she begins her studies in adolescence education at SUNY Oneonta.

Emily has kept busy over the years, participating in the high school’s yearbook club, environmental club, masterminds, student government, class government, Panther Press Live! And the volleyball team. With that much going on (on top of school and other activities), Emily’s answer to the question, “What did you find most challenging about high school?” should be no surprise.

“Balancing all of the activities I was involved in,” said Emily.

Like so many of her peers, Emily says that she’ll miss the familiar faces she’s become so accustomed to seeing once high school wraps up.

“I will miss seeing all of my friends that I have become so close with over the years,” says Emily.

As for her advice to current underclassmen, Emily hopes that they’ll, “Enjoy high school, because it will be over before you know it.” As for the subject Emily identified as the one she enjoyed most, she responded with a somewhat uncommon answer, citing, “math” as her favorite discipline.

Emily also has a somewhat uncommon answer to the question, “What about high school would you do differently?”

“I don't think I would change much,” says Emily. “I am happy with where I am in my life right now.”

Emily didn’t need to look far from home when citing the major influencers in her life.

“My parents and sisters have been huge role models to me,” says Emily. “They have always encouraged me to do my best, and I hope to be as successful as they are when I am older.”

Emily hopes to spend as much time as she can with her friends and family in the summer before everyone heads off to whatever’s next. As for the future, she has a clear idea of what she’d like her life to look like.”

“In 10 years, I hope to be a teacher, and to have received an administrative degree in the hope of becoming some type of administrator one day,” says Emily. “I see myself staying in New York for a while, as of right now.”

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