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2019 Senior Spotlight: Katlyn Butler

katlyn butler

While senior Katlyn Butler has spent some time reflecting on her years at Dana West, she’s also thinking of the road ahead. Particularly, she’s looking ahead to her upcoming enrollment at Cayuga Community College this fall, where she plans on tackling the prerequisite courses that she’ll need to transfer to a four-year college in pursuit of a medical imaging degree.

In her time at Port Byron, Katlyn spent several years on the school’s volleyball team. She was also a member of both National Honor Societies. Academically, she enjoyed her Environmental Science classes the most. When asked what she found the most challenging about high school?

“Trying to manage my time between school work, friends, family and work,” said Katlyn.

When thinking about what she’ll miss the most at Port Byron, Katlyn says, “I will miss seeing my favorite teachers and staff who encouraged me every day.”

Her fondness for Port Byron’s faculty is echoed in her advice to the district’s current underclassmen.

“Treat the teachers with respect and you will have their respect, and care about your grades,” says Katlyn. When asked if she’d do anything from high school differently, Katlyn lamented not playing volleyball “throughout all of high school.”

Katlyn credits her parents, grandparents, and brother as her biggest role models throughout her life.

“My parents and grandparents encourage me daily, and continually do everything they possibly can to make sure I live a good life,” says Katlyn. “I’ve always looked up to my brother, and seeing the things he accomplished in high school made me want to succeed like he did.”

Katlyn intends to spend her first summer as a high school graduate spending time with her family and friends. She hopes to still be around some of these same family in friends in the future as well.

“In 10 years I hope to have a job in computerized tomography. I will probably be living close to home but, I hope to have my own house!”

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