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Port Byron's Production of "Aida" Goes Live This Weekend

Reminder: The Port Byron Drama Club's production of "Aida" opens tonight! Shows will be held on: 

Thursday, March 14 at 7 p.m.
Friday, March 15 at 7 p.m.
Saturday, March 16 at 2 p.m. 

Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for students and senior citizens. The new arts entrance (located just past the athletic entrance) is open, and will be an available point-of-entry for all shows.

A longtime Broadway musical, "Aida" is the timeless love story that "transcends warring nations, and brings a country together." The plot centers around a love triangle between Aida (a Nubian princess stolen from her country), Amneris (an Egyptian princess), and Radames (the soldier that they both love). This production features the music of Elton John, and the lyrics of Tim Rice. Other Elton John/Tim Rice collaborations include: The Lion King, Aladdin, and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Since mid-December, Drama Club students and members of the production team have been hard at work getting the show ready, and are excited to finally unveil "Aida" to the community! The production features the efforts of several cast members who have juggled the requirements of the musical with other sports and activities outside of school. Students involved in this production are also responsible for helping to build and paint the set, and everyone is excited to see the culmination of this hard work and commitment when the curtain goes up this evening!

A very special "thank you" goes out to the entire cast and crew:

Amneris: Nadia Edley
Radames: Patrick Jorolemon
Aida: Kiara Barth
Mereb: Ryan Ratliff
Zoser: Collin McLoughlin
Pharaoh: Kaleb Holdridge
Nehebka: Chelsea Rooker
Amonasro: Mason Stabinsky

Featured Dancers (soldiers/handmaidens/Nubians):
Keyara Allen, Morgan Brown, Jack Noga, Natalee Reese, Pamela Rice, Grace Smith, Haley Smith, Rose Truex, Sabrina Westmiller

Ensemble (soldiers/ministers/guards/handmaidens/Nubians):
Ethan Bell, Brianna Coleman, Allie Conklin, Sean Gillmore, Cheyanne Goodman, Veronica Gould, Xavier Heath, Colleen Jump, Connor Lang, Kristen Lang, Grace Noga, Precious Peters, Ashley Rooker, Samantha Taylor, Ashley Todd, Donna Todd, Bryanna Wilbur

Production Staff:
Director: Jeffrey Chaloux
Vocal Director/Pianist: Paige Williams
Orchestral Director: James Bearup
Choreography/Drama Club shirts and signs: Stephanie Reese
Costumes: Mary Riley, Sharon Vitale, Janine Svitavsky
Technical Director: Benjamin Hogan
Set Design: Sara St. Pierre
Set Construction: Pete Svitavsky, John Mulcahey, Stephen Dahl
Props Master: Joni Lincoln

Stage Manager:
Kaylee Schelah

Stage Crew:
Grace Applebee, Jesse Applebee, Janelle Beaumont, Leslie Bergenstock, Katelyn Brown, Adrianna Gallup, Lonna Gallup, Jada Kimball, Kaylie Laird, Radiant Meaker, Max Noga, Abigail Rice, Luke Rooker, Emily Ryan, Alexcia Snyder, Madison Srymanske

Lights and Sound:
Emily Green, Mitchell Hamel, Joseph Mcnally

Pit Orchestra:
Erin Bagley, Jennifer Bearup, Colleen Dailey, Jessi Menotti, Adriana Mucedola, Anna Vincent, Henry Wakefield, Laura Woodworth

It is with great pride and gratitude that we acknowledge everyone involved in bringing "Aida" to life, and we can't wait to see you at the show! Here's a sneak peak at the show's unveiling during a "play preview" held for the elementary school students: 
aida musical preview
students sing during "aida" preview
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