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A.A. Gates Students Celebrate Veterans Day

This morning, A.A. Gates students and faculty invited United States Veterans to the school to take part in a Veterans Day parade and presentation!

Gates students from grades 4-6 were given the opportunity to invite an honored veteran as a guest to the school to partake in the festivities. While invitees were limited students from those grades, every grade (UPK-6) took part in the parade through the cafeteria, waving to the veterans as they made their way along the procession and singing patriotic songs as they went. Flags were provided for attendees, adding to the sense of patriotism that was already palpable throughout the room.

Following the parade procession, the veterans were treated to a slideshow, where Gates students were featured holding a write-up about their veteran and giving those in attendance a chance to be honored for their service.

student sits with his veteran
students read military yearbook
student sitting with family and waving

Throughout the cafeteria, pictures colored by the students (many of which included red, white, and blue) adorned the walls, while the hallways immediately outside of this space were lined with the aforementioned student write-ups, which detailed just a few of the many things that made their veteran so special.

the parade begins!
the whole cafeteria sings patriotic song
student poses with her invited guest

Thank you to all of the veterans who attended the ceremony, and to the PAWS Committee for the wonderful job it did in putting the event together.

A very special thank you to United States Veterans everywhere for your service and sacrifice.

To view more photos from the album, please click here

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