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Class of 2018 Senior Spotlight: Elijah Townsend

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Port Byron Central School District senior Elijah “EJ” Townsend wants to spend the next couple of years making academic strides.

This fall, the Throop resident heads to Cayuga Community College where he plans to study Business Administration. He hopes to achieve honor roll standing for at least his first two college semesters. 

While attending Dana L. West Junior/Senior High School, EJ was a member of the school’s golf team. His favorite academic subject was Forensics and his fondest memory is attending the Washington, D.C. class field trip.

He said he’ll miss seeing his friends daily, but is looking forward to a schedule that doesn’t require an early morning alarm. When asked what advice, if any, he would give to underclassmen, he discussed the importance of “taking in every moment.”

“Enjoy it while it lasts,” EJ said. “The last day of your high school career comes sooner than you think it will.”
He also talked about the importance of embracing individual identity.

“Throughout my high school years, I was a short dude,” he said. “But I wasn’t ashamed of it at all. Embrace who you are and just roll with it. Don’t be afraid to stand out.”

EJ said his parents, Kathy Malenick and Tom Magill, are his role models.

“They have taught me about hard work and sacrifice,” he said. “I wouldn’t be who I am without them.”

EJ also has two brothers, Shuemy and Adam. 

Ten years from now, EJ said he hopes to be living “somewhere down south” and working full-time. His first post-high school adventure - a skydiving trip - is planned for this summer.
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